Antoni Matuszkiewicz: A Room with Halleyʼs Comet

This paper concerns Marian Jachimowicz’s (1906‒1999), an eminent representative of 20th century Polish avantgarde poetry, final years and his work of this period in close relation to his residence in Bardowski street in the Silesian town Wałbrzych. Residence that he, due to his poor health, seldom left, replaced in his poetry the outdoor places that dominated his earlier works. The paper tries to reconstruct the appearance of the poet’s room, mainly on the basis of his poems, but also according to photographs and a reconstruction of this room, which was made after Jachimowicz’s death in the library Pod Atlantami in Wałbrzych. The author of this paper’s own memories, as well as those of others, are also used in this reconstruction.

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